blow molding machine
Chewing gum bottle / Medicine bottle / Milk bottle Blow molding machine
The blowing molding machine is suitable for small bottles Blow Molding Machine such as chewing gum bottle Blow Molding Machine, medicine bottle Blow Molding Machine, pesticide bottle Blow Molding Machine and milk bottle Blow Molding Machine.
blow molding machine
Detergent Bottle / Daily Packaging Bottle Blow Molding Machinery
The blow moulding machine is suitable for blow moulding plastic bottles such as detergent, shampoo, hair conditioner and toilet cleaning liquid.
blow molding machine
Engine oil bottle / Refrigerant bottle blow molding machine
The blow moulding machine is suitable for the blow moulding of plastic bottles such as engine oil bottle and refrigerant bottle.
blow molding machine
Chemical stacking barrel Blow Molding Machinery
The blow moulding machine is suitable for blow moulding of plastic barrels such as chemical barrels and stacking barrels.
blow molding machine
Toys / special-shaped parts Blow molding machine
The blow moulding machine is suitable for blow moulding of plastic products such as toys, special-shaped parts, plastic pallets and so on.

Blow molding machine FAQ

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  • Blow Moulding Machine Operation Precautions

    What should be paid attention to when operating the blow moulding machine?
    1. Tube blank temperature and blow molding temperature: it is not suitable for the temperature to be too high, too high, the melt viscosity is low and easy to deform, resulting in uneven thickness of the tube blank during transfer; if the temperature is too low, the product often has more internal stress , easy to deform and stress crack during use.

    Blow Moulding Machine Operation Precautions-Blow Molding Machine | Plastic PE PP Blow Molding Machine | PET Blow Molding Equipment | Injection Molding Machine | Stone Paper Making Machine - Tincoo Manufacturer

    2. Resin for injection molding and blow molding: it has high relative molecular mass and melt viscosity, while the melt viscosity is less affected by shear rate and processing temperature, and the blow moulding product has good impact toughness and suitable melt elongation performance.

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  • What are the application scope of pet blow molding machine?

    Pet blow molding machines are used to produce a wide variety of containers, including bottles, jars, and jugs. These containers are used for a variety of products, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and household products. The machines are also used to produce industrial containers, such as drums and tanks.

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  • Precautions for Purchasing Blow Moulding Machines

    What should we pay attention to when purchasing blow moulding machines?
    We divide the precautions for choosing a blow moulding machine into three parts: blow molding machine quality, case conditions, and after-sales service. Before choosing a blow moulding machine, we must first understand the configuration and performance of different blow molding machine products when selecting equipment. There are differences in parameters, parameters, etc., so first of all, we must understand our own production needs and purchase blow molding machines in a targeted manner.
    1. Blow moulding equipment quality
    The quality problem of blow moulding machine is one of the important reference values. As the blow molding machine industry is gradually known in China, more and more companies realize the role of blow molding machines and are engaged in the production and manufacturing of related industries. Whether the blow molding machine equipment is worn out and whether there are potential safety hazards is related to whether there will be serious safety hazards when the equipment is put into use, whether the production is smooth, and whether the products produced are defective.
    2. The case
    The case is the main way to demonstrate the production technology of the blow molding machine. There are technologies but no actual cases, which cannot explain that the blow molding machine can maintain stable operation during long-term operation.
    3. After-sales service
    Blow molding machine equipment is a large-scale industrial production equipment, and its after-sales service is very important. The after-sales service is perfect, and timely feedback of equipment problems to the manufacturer for maintenance can reduce equipment damage. The more perfect the after-sales service, the more protection for our users, which is conducive to future production.
    In addition, when purchasing a blow molding equipment, you should carefully read the instructions, operate in accordance with the instructions, strictly check the safety and technical performance of the product, pay attention to the shape of the blow molding machine, and see if there is any wear or damage.

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  • what is pet blow molding machine?

    Pet blow molding machine is a type of machinery used to produce plastic containers from PET (polyethylene terephthalate) preforms. The machine works by heating the preforms and then blowing them into the desired shape using compressed air. The process is used to produce a wide variety of containers, including bottles, jars, and jugs.

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Special design can be made to order to for visistipe(VS) or two colors(TC) or two layers(TL) bottles.
  • Large-volume storage barrels,
  • storage tanks,
  • foldable containers,
  • automotive hollow parts,
  • office accessories,
  • sports equipment accessories,
  • children's toys and amusement facilities accessories,
  • medical packaging containers,
  • 5 gallon PC barrels,
  • hollow bags,
  • various plastic bottles,
  • plastic barrels
blow molding machine

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