Stone-Plastic Paper Making Machine

Stone-Plastic Paper Making Machine
According to different usage, the percentage of the inorganic filler (calcium carbonate, talc, wollastonite, titanium dioxide, etc) in the formula is about 60%~80%.
Stone Plastic Paper Making Machine
Then added with PP, PE and other resin and various chemical additives,the inorganic filler is translated into masterbatch after blending, modification and extrusion process.
The new stone paper machine researched and developed by TINCOO Company is the only kind of special stone material carton and board that can be filled with mineral powder up to 65%. The stone paper raw material is mainly limestone, and coal gangue and tailings slag can also be used as raw materials. After the primary crushing and screening of the ore block stone by the crusher, the crushed ore is ground by an ultra-fine mill to form nano-scale ultra-fine modified ore powder as the main raw material for the production of stone paper; the limestone is calcined by the calcination workshop, After calcined into quicklime with a calcium content of more than 57%, it is strictly followed by the relevant regulations of energy saving, consumption reduction, dust reduction and environmental protection in the stone paper production line process of nano-scale ultra-fine whitening stone powder after ultra-fine grinding machine grinding, and strive to control costs and environmental protection Be the ultimate.
Stone Paper Making Machine

Superfine modified ore powder, superfine whitening stone powder and specific PE.PP and other additives are mixed in a strict ratio and mixed by a high-speed mixer, and then enter the filling masterbatch extrusion equipment for waterless mixing process, producing different types Filled masterbatch. All kinds of filled masterbatch pass through the stone paper carton paper after matching.

Stone Paper Machine

Stone paper equipment / production line to produce polymer stone-plastic composite boards and boxes; or to produce various types of base paper through different production processes through stone synthetic paper production equipment.

Stone-Plastic Paper Machine

Stone Paper finished product samples

Stone Paper finished product

Production process of stone plastic paper

  • Raw materials
    Additives Auxiliaries
  • Compound
  • Produce
  • Thickness
  • Surface
  • Products
  • Cutting
  • Rolling
  • Coating
  • Origin
  • I.Raw stone mining:Initial crushing of the mined raw stone.
  • II.Crushing,grinding,and calcination:a part of the crushed raw stone is ground into stone powder (superfine modified calcium powder),and a part is calcined into quicklime and further ground into ultrafine whitening stone powder.
  • IIl.Internal mixing and modification treatment:Stone powder,PE,PP and additives are subjected to internal mixing and modification treatment.
  • IV.Granulation:After modification,the masterbatch is produced through the granulation equipment.
  • VI.Production of polymer stone-plastic composite board and stone paper:The produced masterbatch produces various types of polymer stone-plastic composite board or base paper through different forming processes through primary molding equipment and stone synthetic paper production equipment.The polymer stone plastic composite board and base paper after cutting and winding can be put into storage.
  • Vlll.Subsequent processing,printing and die cutting:polymer stone plastic composite board produces qualified plates or packaging boxes through printing and die cutting equipment: surface coating:base paper produces coated paper products through coating equipment.

Stone plastic paper machine Product attributes

Material LDPE,LLDPE, PP+filler(60-80)% CaCO₃
Width 1200MM
Thickness 0.08MM(After stretching)
Extrusion output 500KG/HR
Extrusion screw ¢75MM/¢125MM, L/D: 32:1
Drive motor 100HP/215HP AC motor (TECO)+ vector inverter controller (Yaskawa)
Layer assignment A/B/A=10/80/10 (%) and A/B/B=20/40/40 (%)
Extruder Die T type, 1600MM width
Machine speed 100M/MIN
Winding device Biaxial round tower center winding
Coiling maximum diameter 1000MM (MAX)

Characteristics of Stone Paper

  • Stone Paper ANTI-MOTH
  • Stone Paper TEAR RESISTANT
  • Stone Paper ECONOMICAL
  • Stone Paper RECYCLABLE
  • Stone Paper SAFE
  • Stone Paper SOFT
stone paper production
Characteristics of Stone Paper
  • 1. Delicate printing effect, soft texture, low prices and others like good waterproof beyond of the natural paper. Compared with the traditional synthetic paper, PP/PE environmental synthetic paper is produced with new technology. There are many obvious improvements in printing property, fold-ability, anti-static electricity and drying performance. The common printing ink can be used and the printing cost is only one third.
  • 2. PP/PE stone paper production completely meets the environmental requirements. Except the good waterproof property, it has the merits of insect prevention, moth proof, moisture proof, mold proof, grease proofing, light fastness, good light-admitting quality, non-toxic, innocuity, resistance to abrasion, thermo-stability (no deformation under 100℃).

Stone Plastic Paper Making Machine Advantages

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Electric saving

280kwH power can be saved for 1 ton stone paper production compared with the traditional fiber paper production .

Water saving

The stone paper production course actually is modification working course. Small quantity cooling water is recycled during this period. So, much water consumption is saved. Compared with the traditional fiber paper , 110-130 ton fresh water can be saved for 1 ton stone paper producing. It is a special contribution to relax the nervous water resource situation.

Working plant saving

Stone paper production is a course of no-water, no-steam, no-wood pulp . Stone powder ,resin and small quantity additives as its raw materials. It is very different from the traditional paper making plant which needs heavy equipment, large storage space for woods and other plant fiber materials. Working area is only 1/10 of the traditional paper making plant.

Environment pollution reduction

Much waste water discharge during the traditional paper making course, which will spend big capital for its non-skilled clearing technology and harmful to social environment.. Only cooling water in the barrels is needed for stone paper production, no any environment pollution. So stone paper production is also a project with environment protection project.

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Stone plastic paper making machines FAQ

Tincoo is stone plasitc paper extrusion line manufacturers and suppliers from China.Our stone plastic paper production line and machinery is excellent,advanced ,high performance,high performance...
  • What is machine to make paper?

    To make paper, you will need a machine to make paper. This machine is used to turn pulp into paper. The pulp is made from wood chips, recycled paper, or other materials. The papermaking machine will mix the pulp with water and then press it into sheets. The sheets are then dried and cut into the desired size.

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