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What are the uses of stone paper?

Release time:2022-12-13

What are the uses of stone paper?

Tincoo is a professional stone paper extrusion line manufacturer  from China. Now let’s tell you the uses of stone paper?

Stone paper in the market is widely used,

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1. It can be used in disposable consumables, such as garbage bags, food bags, shopping bags, lunch boxes, raincoats, dust covers and other places.

2. It can also be used on self use paper, such as printing paper, writing paper, printing paper, cigarette paper, newspaper and other places.

3. It can also be used in construction and decoration. The common one is wallpaper.

4. It is also involved in the industrial field, such as cement bags, rice bags, clothing, etc.

5. Stone paper can also be used for paper used in some special cases, such as paper used for field and underground operations.

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