What is stone paper process?

Release time:2023-02-27

What is stone paper process?

1.Raw stone mining
Raw stone mining typically involves the use of heavy machinery to extract the raw stone from the ground. After extraction, the raw stone is typically transported to a processing facility where it is crushed into smaller pieces.

2.Crushing,grinding,and calcination:
a part of the crushed raw stone is ground into stone powder (superfine modified calcium powder),and a part is calcined into quicklime and further ground into ultrafine whitening stone powder. The crushed raw stone is first ground into a coarse powder. This powder is then further processed into a finer powder, which is then used to make either stone powder or quicklime. The stone powder is a modified calcium powder, while the quicklime is further ground into an ultrafine whitening stone powder. Both of these powders are used in various industries, such as construction, agriculture, and manufacturing.

3.Internal mixing and modification treatment:
Internal mixing is a process used to mix and modify powder materials such as stone powder, PE, PP and additives. This process is used to create a homogeneous mixture of the materials, which can then be used for further processing. The internal mixing process involves the use of a mixer, which is a machine that uses mechanical energy to mix the materials together. The mixer can be either a single-shaft or a twin-shaft mixer, depending on the type of material being mixed. The mixer is equipped with blades that rotate at high speeds to mix the materials together. The blades can be adjusted to create different levels of mixing intensity.

The granulation equipment is used to mix the raw materials and additives together,and then the mixture is heated and melted.The melted mixture is then cooled and formed into granules.The granules are then screened and sorted according to size.The final product is then packaged and ready for sale.

5.Production of polymer stone-plastic composite board and stone paper:
The masterbatch is mainly used in the production of polymer stone-plastic composite board and base paper.The polymer stone-plastic composite board is mainly used in the production of furniture, cabinets, doors and windows, flooring, wall panels, etc.The base paper is mainly used in the production of wallpaper, decorative panels, etc.The masterbatch can also be used in the production of other plastic products.

6.Subsequent processing,printing and die cutting:
Polymer stone plastic composite board is a type of plastic board made from a combination of polymers and stone. It is a strong and durable material that is often used for packaging boxes and other products. To produce these products, the board is first printed and then die cut using specialized equipment. After that, it can be further processed with a surface coating, such as a base paper coating, to give it a glossy finish. The coated paper products can then be used for a variety of applications, such as packaging boxes, labels, and other products.

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