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What material does stone plastic paper belong to

Release time:2022-12-03

What material does stone plastic paper belong to

As a manufacturer of Stone-Plastic Paper Making Machine, let’s talk about the relevant knowledge of Stone-Plastic Paper in detail

Stone paper is a new material between paper and plastic. It can not only replace some traditional functional papers and professional papers, but also replace most traditional plastic packaging materials. It has the characteristics of low cost and controllable degradation, which can save a lot of costs for users without pollution.

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Stone paper is made of limestone mineral resources with large reserves and wide distribution as the main raw material (calcium carbonate content is 70% – 80%), high polymer as the auxiliary material (content is 20% – 30%), using the chemical principle of polymer interface and the characteristics of polymer modification, using polymer extrusion and blow molding process. The new material of inorganic powder environmental protection stone paper products have the same writing performance and printing effect as plant fiber paper, It has the core performance of plastic packaging

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