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Debugging Skills of PET Blow Molding Machine

Release time:2023-03-18

Debugging Skills of PET Blow Molding Machine

The blow molding machine needs to be carefully debugged before operation to ensure that no operational problems occur during subsequent use,Debugging the PET blow molding machine requires adjusting the time and pressure of each link.

  • Check the hydraulic oil in the pressure oil tank and the oil level in the oil injector to ensure sufficient supply of hydraulic oil and lubricating oil.
  • Turn on the main power supply, turn on the main switch on the control box, and set the operation mode selection switch to jog or manual.
  • The machine should be started without pressure in the hydraulic system. After starting, adjust the hydraulic system pressure to normal pressure.
  • After the hydraulic pump operates, open the cooling water valve of the oil cooler to cool the return oil to prevent excessive oil temperature.
  • After the hydraulic pump works for a short time, close the safety door and manually close the mold. Open the pressure gauge to observe whether the pressure rises.
  • When the vehicle is empty, manually operate the machine to idle for several times, and observe whether the safety doors, indicator lights, and various valves operate correctly and sensitively.
  • Check whether the relays, limit switches, counting devices, and master stop buttons operate normally, reliably, and sensitively.
  • Conduct semi-automatic operation test run and automatic operation test run to check whether the operation is normal.

Lubricating all parts that require lubrication, including water pipe joints and other pipe joints, is to ensure smooth operation of these parts. If the lubrication is not in place, it will cause jamming, which will affect the entire production process of the equipment;

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Ensure that all travel switches are in the designated positions. As everyone should know, travel switches control the movement and stop of the moving template. Make proper adjustments to the travel switches, and the operation of the moving template will be guaranteed;

Install and tighten the position of the mold to ensure that the mold will not loosen. However, before installation, clean the mold surface and the contact surface between the mold and the mold, otherwise it will enter the production process of the product and affect the quality of the product.

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