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Engine Oil Bottle Blow Moulding Machine

Release time:2023-04-06

Engine Oil Bottle Blow Moulding Machine Description:

Engine oil bottle blow molding machine is a double station machine, and suitable for producing high quality container with medium output with from one to six fold die head. Blow moulding equipment is suitable for 1L-12L PE, PP bottle, like motor oil bottle, lubricating oil container. The blow molding machine is suitable to connect with different automation equipment, reduce labor costs and increase production efficiency.

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Advantages of Blow Moulding Machine:
1. Machine platen can be moved down & up.
2. Machine platen has been strengthened.
3. All tubes and lines are located in good order.
4. Mold-moving stand is in box shape. It can make movement more stable and avoid distortion.
5. Tie bars are strengthened to make movement more stable
6. Mold-closing and mold-moving cylinder has been equipped with joint bearing. It can help protect mold-closing and mold-moving cylinder.
7. New blow construction. It can blow vertically and even blow from certain angle.
8. Blow construction has connected to exhausting air pipe. It can make product cool down more quickly.
9. Machine is with auto deflashing.
10. Machine can be connected to conveyor to carry the slitter edge to crusher to be reused.
11. Machine can be connected to conveyor to carry out bottle and connects the filling machine directly.
12. Machine can be equipped with robot arm to take out the bottle.
13. Machine can be equipped with circle-type cutter to trimmer the bottle with foil-sealing type.
14. Mold platen has been professionally designed in construction and shape to keep stable.
15. New and safe machine door.
16. Machine is equipped with reduction valve in the mold-moving parts. It can make mold move more quickly and more stably.
17. Machine is equipped with manual adjuster to adjust the position of mold and blow pin. It makes the adjustment more conveniently.
18. Screw stand is of high rigidity.
19. Screw can be adjusted forward and backward, leftward and rightward.

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