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High performance stone paper extrusion line

Release time:2022-11-19

High performance stone paper extrusion line introduce

The High performance stone paper extrusion line researched and developed by TINCOO Company is the only kind of special stone material carton and board that can be filled with mineral powder up to 65%. The stone paper raw material is mainly limestone, and coal gangue and tailings slag can also be used as raw materials. After the primary crushing and screening of the ore block stone by the crusher, the crushed ore is ground by an ultra-fine mill to form nano-scale ultra-fine modified ore powder as the main raw material for the production of stone paper; the limestone is calcined by the calcination workshop, After calcined into quicklime with a calcium content of more than 57%, Our stone paper machine is strictly followed by the relevant regulations of energy saving, consumption reduction, dust reduction and environmental protection in the stone paper production line process of nano-scale ultra-fine whitening stone powder after ultra-fine grinding machine grinding, and strive to control costs and environmental protection Be the ultimate.

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