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Medicine Bottle Blow Molding Machine

Release time:2022-01-15

Medicine Bottle Blow Molding Machine Introduction:

Medicine bottle blow molding machine is specially designed for plastic chemical bottles, medical bottles, lubricant oil bottles, cosmetic bottles, and other small plastic bottles.
The clamping system is a high-precision single-station linear guide, extrusion system using a hard gear reducer and inverter imported from Japan.
The die head system adopts central-incoming extrusion die made of special steel, imported hydraulic valve and seal parts with proportional control valve.
The control system consists of PLC and Human-machine interface imported from Japan, an automatic temperature control module and imported electrical part.

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Medicine Bottle Blow Molding Machine Advantages:

● Medicine bottle blow molding machine platen can be moved down & up.
● Blow molding machine platen has been strengthened.
● All tubes and lines are located in good order.
● Mold-moving stand is in box shape. It can make movement more stable and avoid distortion.
● Tie bars are strengthened to make movement more stable.
● Mold-closing and mold-moving cylinder has been equipped with joint bearing. It can help protect mold-closing and mold-moving cylinder.
● New blow construction. It can blow vertically and even blow from certain angle.
● Blow construction has connected to exhausting air pipe. It can make product cool down more quickly.
● Molding Machine is with auto deflashing.
● Medicine bottle molding machine can be connected to conveyor to carry the slitter edge to crusher to be reused.
● Blow molding equipment can be connected to conveyor to carry out bottle and connects the filling machine directly.
● Medicine bottle blow molding equipment can be equipped with robot arm to take out the bottle.
● Moulding machine can be equipped with circle-type cutter to trimmer the bottle with foil-sealing type.
● Mold platen has been professionally designed in construction and shape to keep stable.
● New and safe machine door.
● Blow molding machine is equipped with reduction valve in the mold-moving parts. It can make mold move more quickly and more stably.
● Plastic blow molding equipment is equipped with manual adjuster to adjust the position of mold and blow pin. It makes the adjustment more conveniently.
●  Screw stand is of high rigidity.
● Screw can be adjusted forward and backward, leftward and rightward.

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