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PP Milk Bottle Blow Molding Machine

Release time:2022-01-19

PP Milk Bottle Blow Molding Machine Description:

Model: DHD-1L、DHD-1.5L、DHD-2L、DHD-3LA、DHD-OK80 etc..
The PP milk bottle blow molding machine is suitable for small bottles Blow Molding Machine such as chewing gum bottle Blow Molding Machine, medicine bottle Blow Molding Machine, pesticide bottle Blow Molding Machine and milk bottle Blow Molding Machine.
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PP Milk Bottle Blow Molding Equipment Features:

High plasticizing capacity extrusion screw is designed to handle material variations.
Plasticizing screw and barrel is precision machined from special nitrogen treated steel.
Water cooling technology controls feed zone temperature.
Chiller circulated hydraulically controlled blow-pin.
The twin station configuration allows for continuous blow molding. This eliminates down time and upgrades production.
This series can operate with a selected single station.

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