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Transformation and refurbishment of PET bottle mold

Product information
Detailed introduction

Transformation and refurbishment of PET bottle billet die
Transforming bottle blank mould and parts to realize the optimization of bottle blank
More flexible production methods adapted to the market?

Transformation of cold half die for PET bottle mold
Change the use of brand in Demark, HUSK, MHT, OTTO, SIPA
The following parts, including die core, die lip, die cavity, mold cavity base, are replaced on the die.
The mould parts are replaced on the existing mould bases to realize the structure of PT bottles and each.
Variety to meet customer needs
Implementation of bottle billet lightweight project
Rapid change of bottle billet

PET mold parts, such as the quality of the original plant
Perfect fit with the mold components of the original factory
Less investment than the original plant

PET mold “refurbishment” project
More than a long time
Mold Audit – the first work before refurbishment
This service is tailor-made for de MAC customers to help customers evaluate.
They are currently producing the quality of the flask. The audit process is as follows:
The senior technician of de Mack checks the mold on the spot for the whole mold.
The bottle embryo is thoroughly checked, including the measurement of the flare condition to the customer.
Provide a recommended audit report to inform the customer how to upgrade / extend the model.
If life is possible, it can provide weight reduction through mold modification.

Die life cycle
Product quality: Flask edge, parting line, gate defect, etc.
Molding cycle: as time goes on
Raw material usage: average BOTTLE VASE caused by excessive pressure keeping or glue leakage.
An increase in weight
Performance degradation: every molding cycle will result in a decline in mold performance.
Increased energy consumption: direct and indirect energy generated by overcoming defects.
Increase in consumption
Efficiency decline: effective production type cavity loss

Active refurbishment = promotion of benefit
Lengthening the life cycle
Type 100% cavity (effective production)
Ensure duplication of high quality products, cavity and cavity, die and die.
Rising running time
Cost saving
Demark has an independent advantage technology

Improve the quality of products
The quality of products, especially bottle edge, is a lot of fingers in the bottle industry.
A key indicator in the bid is to effectively improve the flask of flask by refurbishing.

Refurbishment of cold half die
Because the mold works for a long time, the conical surface between the rows is generated.
The flex defect caused by preload disappearance resulted from wear.
The loss of seal caused by friction between the valve needle and the base of the die cavity for a long time.
All the sliding components of the structure are subjected to long-term friction and extrusion.
Wear and deformation. Cold half die refurbishment is suitable for the following mold

Refurbishment of hot half die
Continuous working at high temperature for a long time may result in a base positioning component.
Failure, diversion plate positioning deviation. Vulnerable parts are produced in long term work
Relative wear, which seriously damages the work of needle valve system and hot runner.
Heat balance and sealing.
Hot half die refurbishment is suitable for the following mold brand:
service content
Check all parts, splitter plates and formwork; divert plate cleaning and grinding.
Cleaning and recycling parts; tolerance analysis and problem detection; breakage.
Parts replacement (including splitter plate, hot nozzle assembly or template); assembly and
Certification (including warranty extension)

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1, Your inquiry related to our product & price will be replied within 12 hours.
2, Well-trained & experienced staff are to answer all your inquiries in English and Chinese.
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